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Hyde Park


How to get to Hyde Park

The park can be reached by tube from Lancaster Gate and Marble Arch Central Line or Hyde Park Corner & Knightsbridge Piccadilly Line or by bus. Car parking is available but with limited spaces.


What's near Hyde Park?

Hyde Park is within walking distance of Buckingham Palace, Aspley House and Wellington Arch.


Purchasing a property in the Hyde Park area

If you are purchasing a property in the Hyde Park area, please ensure that you have a building survey carried out on it. A building survey, prepared by a Chartered Building Surveyor could literally save you thousands of pounds. The survey only needs to uncover one potential problem with the property and the cost of the building survey is more than recovered.



Hyde Park street sign in the City of Westminster

A London cab at the edge of Hyde Park


Independent Surveyors in the Hyde Park area

We are an Independent Surveyors working in the Hyde Park area. We are independent of any lender or bank or mortgage company. When we are surveying a property we are working for you, not them. This means we are working towards your best interests. We want to ensure that your property investment is sound and that you are receiving value for money.

Please do not hesitate to call us on free phone 0800 298 5424.



Maps of Hyde Park and the surrounding area



The A – Z of Hyde Park


A: Alfresco dining in Hyde Park

As Independent Surveyors working in the Hyde Park area we often enjoy ‘alfresco dining' at the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen in Hyde Park. This lovely English Country restaurant offers an all-day menu with everything from afternoon tea to seasonal dishes and is enjoyed by both locals and visitors alike.


B: Bowling in Hyde Park

What better way to spend a relaxing afternoon than playing bowls in the beautiful Hyde Park. The bowling green or an individual rink can be prebooked so you can plan this into your day in London.


C: Cricket in Hyde Park

Cricket is another great sport you can enjoy in Hyde Park on a warm afternoon. The sports field in Hyde Park is the place to head for most pitch based sports. As well as cricket, football, rugby and softball are also played here.


D: Diana Memorial Fountain at Hyde Park

This beautiful memorial is a reflection of the life of Princess Diana and is a lovely spot in the park. The memorial opened in 2004 and is a great place to visit to celebrate the life of our princess who was sadly killed in a car crash in 1997.


E: Events in Hyde Park

Hyde Park plays host too many events such as the London Moonwalk which is a midnight walk by women mostly in bra's to raise awareness and money for breast cancer. HRH Prince Charles is the patron of walk the walk which started 15 years ago in New York.


F: Frisbee flying at Hyde Park

What a great way to spend an afternoon with family and friends whilst also getting active and if you also feel like getting competitive there is a game called ultimate you can play involving the frisbee which is for the purpose of this game called a disc. Ultimate sessions are held regularly in Hyde Park.


G: Geese in Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a haven for wildlife and you will find many different water birds such as the Greylag Geese, Canada Geese and various different garden birds in the park to enjoy. Visitors are encouraged to feed the wildlife but are asked to adhere to certain rules such as not to feed with white bread or leave food behind that could attract vermin.


H: Horse rides in Hyde Park

With five miles of bridleways Hyde Park is a beautiful place to horse ride which is also a great way to enjoy the park. Hyde Park Stables welcome all levels of riders from five years of age and uses only experienced instructors that can teach individuals or groups.

Horses in Hyde Park

Enjoying a ride in Hyde Park


I: Independent Surveyors

If you are looking to move to the Hyde Park area of London then we would strongly recommend that you have a building survey carried out by Independent Surveyors, such as ourselves at 1stAssociated.co.uk. Please contact us on our Freephone number 0800 298 5424 for a friendly chat.


J: Jessie J at Wireless 2012 at Hyde Park

Hyde Park attracts big names such as Jessie J, Madonna and Bruce Springsteen at events such as the Wireless Festival. The Wireless Festival is a fantastic outdoor music event held in Hyde Park. The three day festival in July started in 2005 and is fast becoming one for the calendar for music lovers.


K: Knightsbridge near Hyde Park

The chic district of Knightsbridge close to Hyde Park is a great place to go shopping. Knightsbridge is home to expensive boutiques and the upmarket Harrods and Harvey Nichols Department Stores. Knightsbridge is also known for its luxurious properties and is a place we as Independent Surveyors often visit to carry out residential building surveys.


L: Lido in Hyde Park

The fantastic Lido in Hyde Park is a great place for you to cool down on a hot, sunny day or to just soak up some rays on the veranda. You will find this lovely swimming pool and children's paddling pool next to the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park.

Signpost to the Lido in Hyde Park


M: Memorials in Hyde Park

Hyde Park is home to the Diana Memorial and the 7 July Memorial.


N: Nature in Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a great place to visit for nature lovers. The wonderful meadow area is full of native wildflowers and is a great place to go butterfly watching in the summer. You can also spot robins in Hyde Park which love the many trees and shrubs here. Serpentine Lake in the park attracts bats at dusk due to the insects here that the bats love to feed on.

One of the many beautiful trees in Hyde Park


O: Olympics 2012 in Hyde Park

Just one of the London sites of the 2012 Olympic Games and host of the Triathlon and Swimming Marathon events for the games.

The triathlon is a combination of swimming, cycling and running and a great event to watch and one which needs lots of stamina to complete.


P: Pine Cones in Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a great place to be enjoyed in all four seasons. In the spring the park comes alive with the beautiful colours of the plants and flowers, in the summer it's a fantastic place to stop and enjoy the sun in the middle of this busy capital, in the autumn the colours from the leaves are just amazing and it makes for a great walk and in the winter when the snow falls it's like a magical kingdom.


Q: Quiet picnic spots at Hyde Park

Why not find a lovely spot to enjoy a picnic in the middle of London in Hyde Park but be aware for your safety and enjoyment no barbecues are allowed in the park and the park asks for no more than 40 in a group.


R: Royal Park

Hyde Park is one of eight Royal Parks along with Bushy Park, Green Park, Greenwich Park, Kensington Gardens, The Regents Park, Richmond Park and St James Park.


S: Speakers Corner

Speakers Corner is well known for being the place for free speech in Hyde Park.

Signs to Speakers Corners

Speakers Corner

Speakers Corner from a distance


T: Tennis at Hyde Park

Hyde Park has great tennis facilities for you to enjoy. The Tennis and Sports Centre is accredited by the Lawn Tennis Association and can be found at the end of the sports field. The centre offers coaching for both adults and children and memberships are available for keen players or you can just turn up and play subject to court availability.


U: Unique Location

Hyde Park really is in a Unique location in the middle of London close to some major attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Kensington Gardens and the Victoria and Albert Museum.


V: Vast open spaces

Hyde Park is a great place to go to enjoy beautiful green open spaces in the middle of this busy city.

Lots of lovely open space

W: Wellington Arch

Close to Hyde Park is the Wellington Arch which is approximately 1.2 km away and is a great place to visit to enjoy some English heritage.


X: Xmas winter wonderland at Hyde Park

Every year Hyde Park plays host to the fabulous Winter Wonderland. This is a fantastic Christmas event held from late November until early January that can be enjoyed by the whole family. There is an amazing market of handicrafts and gift ideas, rides, ice skating and the circus as well as lots of winter warming foods and of course Father Christmas!


Y: Year round opening

The park is open every day throughout the year so you will never turn up and be disappointed. It's there for your enjoyment so use it!


Z: Zero admittance fee

With no admission fee Hyde Park makes for a great cost free day out for all to enjoy.



Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of London's eight Royal Parks and is spread across 350 acres. The park is open for all to enjoy from 5am until midnight all year.


Hyde Park

In Hyde Park

Hyde Park


Hyde Parks History

In 1536 from the monks of Westminster Abbey Henry VIII acquired the area. The area was used as private hunting ground and many royal hunts took part in the grounds.

In 1625 Charles I became king and the Ring where the royals used to drive their carriages was created.

The park opened to the general public in 1637.

In 1689 William and Mary became King and Queen and made Kensington Palace their home. The processional route they created from their home in Kensington Palace to Westminster went through Hyde Park which was the first road lit all night in England.

In the 1820's under the orders of King George IV Decimus Burton the English architect made changes to the park such as the Hyde Park corner monumental entrance and new park walls and gates. Today apart from the added memorials the park is pretty much as he left it.


Hyde Park is good for you – Sport in the park

Hyde Park is a great place to go to enjoy the great outdoors if you just fancy a stroll or to use the sports field for more energetic activities such as rugby, cricket, rounder's, football or for just flying your frisbee. In designated areas in the park you can also cycle, roller blade or skateboard.

Cycling in Hyde Park is allowed in designated areas only

Hyde Park also has a children's playground to wear out the little ones and also ‘The Serpentine Lido' which has a great paddling pool.

The Hyde Park Tennis and Sports Centre has six tennis courts and a six rink flat bowling green for your enjoyment.

Hyde Park also has pedal and rows boats for hire as well as a solar shuttle vessel which carries up to 40 passengers and is powered by the sun.

Boats for hire on the Serpentine


The Serpentine Lake

Another view of the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park


What else is there in Hyde Park?

As well as all of the sporting activities on offer Hyde Park also has The Serpentine Bar and Kitchen where you can get everything from sandwiches to hot meals and The Lido Café Bar with alfresco dining.

Dining in Hyde Park

A closer view of one of the restaurants in Hyde Park



We would like to also refer you to articles on our website we have written on other London Parks for you to enjoy;

Hampstead Heath

Kensington Gardens

Kilburn Grange Park

St James Park



Memorable years for Hyde Park

1665 - The year many London people came to Hyde Park to camp to try and escape the Great Plague of London

1814 – The year fireworks were displayed in Hyde Park to mark the end of the Napolenic Wars

1851 – The year the ‘Great Exhibition' was held

1866 – The year of scuffles between the police and Edmund Beales Reform League. The outcome of the scuffles was ‘Speakers Corner' which is a place people now come to express their ideals and beliefs on any subject they choose.

1930 – The Lido opened in Hyde Park

1977 – The year the ‘Silver Jubilee' exhibition was held. This was to honour Queen Elizabeth's 25 years on the throne.

2004 – The year the ‘Diana Memorial' was opened in Hyde Park.

Speakers Corner


The Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park

Hyde Park is home to the ‘Diana Memorial Fountain' which was opened on 6 July 2004 by Her Majesty the Queen.

The fountains water starts flowing in two directions before meeting in a calm pool and is said to reflect Princess Diana's life. 545 pieces of Cornish Granite were used to create the fountain using both computer and traditional skills.

Signpost to the Diana Memorial


The 7 July Memorial in Hyde Park

In the south east corner of Hyde Park is a memorial to honour those killed and injured in the London Bombings in 2005.

The memorial is made of 52 pillars grouped in four clusters to represent the 52 victims of the bombings and the four separate locations the incidents happened. You can walk through the memorial where there are inscriptions of the date, location and times of the bombings.


Attractions including English Heritage close to Hyde Park

Apsley House part of the English Heritage was once home to the Duke of Wellington and is a great place to visit near to Hyde Park. This grand house is home to paintings by Velazquez and Rubens, a wonderful art collection and a nude statue of Napoleon.

Wellington Arch part of the English Heritage at Hyde Park Corner was designed by the architect Decimus Burton in 1825 and is also a visitor's must. The arch has fantastic views across Buckingham Palace Gardens and Westminster.

Buckingham Palace the home of the British Monarchy is also close to Hyde Park. The Palace welcomes approximately 50,000 people each year as guests and the State Rooms at the palace are open yearly to visitors.


Places and Parks close to Hyde Park

Hyde Park is in a fantastic location close to Kensington. Battersea Park is across the river and Holland Park and St James Park are both quite close by.

Bayswater Road sign


If none of the attractions and places we have listed close to Hyde Park take you're your fancy why not visit the National Trust's Carlyle's House in nearby Chelsea. This was once the home of Thomas and Jane Carlyle who were a celebrity couple in Victorian times.


Residential Building Surveyors in the Hyde Park area

We are Independent Building Surveyors that operate throughout the UK. As Building Surveyors in the Hyde Park area we are often asked to work on not only a building survey but also a boundary walls dispute survey, a schedule of condition survey and a specific defect survey.


Commercial Building Surveyors in the Hyde Park area

We also provide commercial building surveys in the Hyde Park area, as well as a schedule of condition survey or a dilapidations report. Our building surveyors have the skills and experience to save you money on your commercial building purchase.

Contact 1stAssociated.co.uk for help and advice if you have property issues with your existing property or indeed if you require a valuation or building survey on a property you are purchasing in the Hyde Park area on our free phone number 0800 298 5424 .



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Independent Surveyors

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Commercial Property

If you have a commercial property, whether it is freehold or leasehold then sooner or later you may get involved with dilapidation claims. You may wish to look at our Dilapidations Website at www.DilapsHelp.com and for Disputes go to our Disputes Help site www.DisputesHelp.com .


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