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Kilburn Grange Park


How to get to Kilburn Grange Park?

Kilburn Tube Station, West Hampstead Tube Station and Kilburn Park Tube Station are all within walking distance of Kilburn Grange Park. The park can also easily be reached by bus.


What's near Kilburn Grange Park?

Kilburn Grange Park is about a twenty minute walk from the Freud Museum close to areas such as the fashionable Belsize Park with its exclusive shops and restaurants and Chalk Farm the home of the famous arts venue the Roundhouse.


Kilburn Grange Park sign

Map of Kilburn Grange Park


Purchasing a property in the Kilburn Grange Park area

If you are purchasing a property in the Kilburn Grange Park area, please ensure that you have a building survey carried out on it. A building survey, prepared by a Chartered Building Surveyor could literally save you thousands of pounds. The survey only needs to uncover one potential problem with the property and the cost of the building survey is more than recovered.


Independent Surveyors in the Kilburn Grange Park area

We are Independent Surveyors working in the Kilburn Grange Park area. We are independent of any lender or bank or mortgage company. When we are surveying a property we are working for you, not them. This means we are working towards your best interests. We want to ensure that your property investment is sound and that you are receiving value for money.

Please do not hesitate to call us on free phone 0800 298 5424


The A – Z of Kilburn Grange Park

A: Adventure Playground in Kilburn Grange Park

Why not relax and let the children use their energy at the great adventure playground which has a tree house, rope swing, sand pit and climbing structure.

The Adventure Playground



The activity centre in the adventure playground



B: Birds in Kilburn Grange Park

You will see many common birds in Kilburn Grange Park due to the many trees here which provide lovely nesting


C: County Kilburn

County Kilburn is the name the area was once known as due to the large Irish population.


D: Day and Night

Kilburn Grange Park is a great place to spend your daytime but Kilburn also has many pubs, bars and restaurants so you can enjoy your evening here as well.


E: Edwardian properties

We have carried out as Independent Surveyors building surveys on some beautiful Edwardian properties in the Kilburn area.


F: Festival

Kilburn Grange Park hosts the annual Kilburn Festival, a great day out for all the family with music including reggae and Irish, stalls and plenty of food options from around the world.


G: Greenery of Kilburn Grange Park

Thanks to the great British weather Kilburn Grange Park has a stunning array of greenery.


H: Historical landmark close to the park

The Gaumont State Cinema close to Kilburn Grange Park is an important historical landmark.


I: Independent Surveyors

If you are looking to move to the Kilburn Grange Park area of London then we would strongly recommend that you have a building survey carried out by Independent Surveyors, such as ourselves at 1stAssociated.co.uk. Please contact us on our free phone number 0800 298 5424.


J: Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum close to Kilburn Grange Park is a great place to visit whilst you are in the area and is a celebration of Jewish life and culture.


K: Kilburn High Road

Vibrant Kilburn High Road, the main road in Kilburn is full of shops, cafes, historic pubs and restaurants and is a great place for you to visit to enjoy the buzz of a London High Street. It is also the home of the famous Tricycle Theatre and cinema.


L : Location, location, location

Kilburn Grange Park is in a great location adjacent to Kilburn High Road.


M: Multi Sports Pitch

Kilburn Grange has a multi sports pitch where games including football and basketball can be played.

Kilburn Grange multi sports pitch


N: Nature in Kilburn Grange Park

Kilburn Grange Park has a nature conservation area where wildlife can live in natural surroundings without any interruptions.

Kilburn Grange Park


O: Open Spaces

Kilburn Grange Park has some lovely open spaces for you and your family and friends to enjoy.

Green open spaces

P: Play area at Kilburn Grange Park

As well as the adventure playground the park also has a play area filled with the traditional playground favourites such as swings, a slide, roundabout and a see-saw.


Q: Quiet spots

With the lovely green spaces in the park you can always find a quiet spot to escape the hustle and bustle of London.


R: Rose Gardens at Kilburn Grange Park

Come and enjoy the beautiful rose gardens in the park which are surrounded by some lovely mature trees such as the silver birch, sessile oak and yew.


S: Squirrels in Kilburn Grange Park

The squirrels in Kilburn Grange Park are always popular with visitors.

A squirrel in Kilburn Grange Park

And another!


T: Tennis at Kilburn Grange Park

Kilburn Grange Park has three courts which can be booked in advance so why not schedule in a game of tennis on your visit to the park.

The tennis courts at Kilburn Grange Park

The tennis courts again


U Unusual Décor

Whilst in the Kilburn Grange Park area why not visit the trendy Black Lion Pub with its unusual decor. The Black Lion, situated opposite the Tricycle Theatre has a Grade II listed ceiling with amazing chandeliers and even has a guesthouse if you fancy an overnight stay!


The Black Lion Pub


People enjoying a drink at the Black Lion Pub

V: Victorian Properties

As Independent Surveyors we have carried out building surveys on many lovely Victorian properties in the Kilburn Grange Park area.

W: Walking in Kilburn Grange Park

Parks are great places to enjoy a walk with Kilburn Grange Park being no exception.

Great paths to walk in Kilburn Grange Park

X: Xmas tree recycling

Kilburn Grange Park also acts as a recycling centre for your used Christmas trees.


Y: Yours to enjoy

Kilburn Grange Park is yours to enjoy so use it!


Z: Zero admission fee

With no admission fee Kilburn Grange Park is a great place to take the family cost free!



Kilburn Grange Park

Kilburn Grange Park is an eight acre park in the London Borough of Camden and is open during daylight hours.


Kilburn Grange Park History

Kilburn Grange Park was once part of the Grange estate. The park opened in 1913.


Kilburn Grange Park is good for you – sport in the park

Kilburn Grange Park has a multi games sport pitch used for various ball games including basketball and football as well as three tennis courts.


Attractions close to Kilburn Grange Park

Kingsgate Gallery

The Kingsgate Gallery on Kingsgate Road is an artist's studio housed in a former 19th century warehouse.


Tricycle theatre and cinema

The well-known Tricycle Theatre and Cinema on Kilburn High Road is a 380 seat auditorium, cinema and art gallery.



The famous Tricycle Theatre and Cinema




Places and parks close to Kilburn Grange Park

Kilburn Grange Park is close to the Chalk Farm and Belsize Park areas. The parks of Hampstead Heath and Regents Park are also close by.


National Trust sites close to Kilburn Grange Park

Fenton House

Fenton House is a 17th century merchant's house in Hampstead and is a very interesting place to visit.

The house was bought by Lady Katherine Binning in 1936. In the house you can see Chinese porcelain from the Kangxi period, beautiful 17th century needlework and paintings by the Camden Town Group, Georgian furniture and 17th century needlework. You can also visit the beautiful garden and enjoy panoramic views of London from the balcony.


2 Willow Road

Designed in 1939 by the Hungarian born architect Erno Goldfinger this modernist home is an interesting place to visit. You can to learn about Erno Goldfinger's life and see his family's amazing modern art collection with work by Max Ernst, Bridget Riley and Henry Moore, their personal possessions and much more.



Museums close to Kilburn Grange Park

Freud Museum

The Freud Museum was once home to Sigmund Freud and his family. Sigmund Freud was the founder of psychoanalysis The Freud Museum is in the former house of Sigmund Freud. It remained the family home until 1982 when his youngest daughter ‘Anna' died. The house contains his amazing collection of antiques, his study which has been preserved and his library. The house also features his famous psychoanalytic couch of which all his patients used.


Sherlock Holmes Museum

221B Baker Street is a grade ll listed building and was once the home of the famous Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. This is a great place to visit to learn more about their lives and there is a great gift shop to visit where you can buy a token to remember your visit by.


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Residential Building Surveyors in the Kilburn Grange Park area

We are Independent Building Surveyors that operate throughout the UK. As Building Surveyors we are often asked to work on not only a building survey but also a boundary walls dispute survey, a schedule of condition survey and a specific defect survey.


Commercial Building Surveyors in the Kilburn Grange Park area

We also provide commercial building surveys in the Kilburn Grange Park area, as well as a schedule of condition survey or a dilapidations report. Our building surveyors have the skills and experience to save you money on your commercial building purchase.

Contact 1stAssociated.co.uk for help and advice if you have property issues with your existing property or indeed if you require a valuation or building survey on a property you are purchasing in the Kilburn Grange Park area on our free phone number 0800 298 5424 .



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Independent Surveyors

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Commercial Property

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