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"I would like to congratulate the surveyor on producing an excellent report. It is in clear English with excellent photos alongside the descriptions and very easy to read; it is not written in "doom & gloom" or "surveyor speak" language. My brother and I are very pleased with it. I have worked with architects and surveyors in the past, being an occupational therapist and I can honestly say that it is the best survey report I have ever seen. Many thanks for recommending him."
Mrs M, West Yorkshire

"We would like to thank the surveyor for his time in preparing an excellent and detailed report. Due to the high costs involved in putting this property right we will not be going ahead with the purchase. We are at present looking for another property and will be straight back to you as soon as something is found. "
Mr and Mrs H, Shropshire

"The survey was absolutely amazing and the surveyor went above and beyond what was expected."
Mr R, Greater Manchester

"We loved the property and were up for buying it until we had the report from your surveyor which was a 'brilliant' report and from the findings of the report we did not go ahead. "
Mr and Mrs M

"We found the report to be very detailed and even took the report back with us when we went to view the property again so we could relate back to things mentioned within the report which we found very helpful"
Mr and Mrs E

"I was very happy with the report, the surveyor was very helpful even taking the time to speak with me after the survey had been carried out and the whole thing was a very quick turnaround"
Mr W, London

"We are in negotiations regarding the pub you surveyed for us which we have been able to do using the findings of the survey "
Mr C, East Sussex

"We were very happy with the survey and as a result are going ahead with the property purchase. We would definitely recommend your services. Excellent advice and easy to read report"
Ms R, Norfolk

"The survey was very informative and it was great meeting the surveyor on site who was very knowledgeable and explained things very well. I would definitely use again"
Mr H,

"I was very happy with the wonderful service given. The survey was very accurate and detailed and the surveyor even took the time to discuss issues after the survey by phone with me. I would definitely use them again and recommend to friends and family"
Miss S

"This was a very thorough and detailed survey"
Mr W, London E11

"The surveyor confirmed what I thought I knew and saved me 500,000"
Ms. L, East Sussex

"Quite refreshing and surpassed all of my expectations. I will definitely recommend your surveying services to friends and family"
Mr B, London

"Can I thank you guys for a quality service and an abundance of knowledge and advice. I'm really happy with the results and found the surveyor to be more than helpful and a real pleasant guy. Again many many thanks for all your help, advice and professionalism."
Dean Fox, Co. Durham

"Thank you, the report was really good and we are very happy with it. regards, "
Ellie Blumenschein

"We were really happy with the survey carried out by 1stAssociated, in fact it was a brilliant survey which flagged up all the problems the property had including serious problems with the roof structure. We have forwarded a copy of the survey to our solicitor so they can negotiate with the vendor to carry out the work at their cost. Negotiations are still ongoing but it was very worthwhile having the survey as it will save us a large sum of money in the long run."
Mr A, Nottinghamshire

"We cannot thank enough for the specific defect report you did for us on the quality of the property we were renting. We have since had a phone call from the Housing Association to fit a new central heating boiler and add extra radiators. The Housing Association are also going to look at all the other issues mentioned in your report. If anybody we know is faced with the same situation as we were then I will definitely pass on your number. The report was just what we needed, the surveyor was a diamond, thanks again."
Mr & Mrs H, Berkshire

"Thank you for the survey report which advised us of the structural problems in the property which to us were hidden as the property had been painted to sell. We thought the survey report was excellent at explaining the risks that we would be taking on if we decide to buy the property. We have also been so pleased that we have been able to speak to you on the phone and were able to meet the surveyor at the property which has helped enormously as this has been a very difficult decision for us to make. "
Mr & Mrs A,

"We were in the process of taking a lease on a high street retail unit. The landlord had carried out some work to the property but we wanted to ensure that the work had been completed to a good standard before we legally committed to take the lease. We therefore instructed to survey the property on our behalf to ensure that there were no problems that we would then be liable for. The survey did uncover problems not only with the landlords work but also with the adjacent property which had caused dampness problems in our property. produced a detailed Schedule of Condition identifying all the problems in the property which will be appended to the lease. We are now in negotiations with the landlord to exclude these parts from the Full Repairing and Insuring lease so that we don’t get a Dilapidations claim at the end of the lease. We are also in discussions with the neighbouring owners with regards to the repairs required to their property. We are really pleased that we had a survey carried out by as to our inexperienced eye the work looked satisfactory but potentially we could have been liable for a vast expense to put the problems right."
Mr T, Essex

"Our Surveyor spent plenty of time looking at the property and explained the details to us so that we understood them fully. He was genuinely interested in the property and made some very helpful suggestions as to how we should market the cottage for sale. The survey report came quickly, it is very comprehensive and in an easy to read and easy to understand language. The photos and sketches were also extremely helpful. We were assured that we could contact the Surveyor if we came across any problems and we were really satisfied with the professional way the survey has been dealt with. We feel we are really lucky to have found you to carry out our building survey. "
Mrs A

"We originally booked a defects report on the property we wanted to buy, looking specifically at problems that a surveyor had identified during a homebuyers report. However from chatting with our surveyors it became obvious that there may be further problems and we would much prefer to look at the whole property rather than a small section of it and we can give a much better analysis of a property if we look at the whole property rather than a small section of it. We were first time buyers who had been advised by his mortgage company to have a homebuyers report with his valuation. He said to us that this had been a mistake as the quality of the homebuyers report was very poor and misleading and had caused all sorts of problems and he felt although he knew little about the property that further explanation was needed. We looked around various websites but picked 1stAssociated as we were now on a very steep learning curve but had understood much better what we needed in a report and was very pleased that the Surveyor could meet us at the property to discuss issues that he had and issues that we may raise. In particular we wanted to understand what a non-traditional building was and a modern timber frame building was, as this seems to have caused the homebuyers surveyor particular problems and concerns. It is a non-traditional building, also known as a modern timber frame building. These buildings look exactly like a normal building from the outside. Many people won’t buy a timber frame building. Please look at these articles from the 1stAssociated website that we found on non-traditional properties: and and We hadn’t originally realised this was a traditional timber frame building. Unfortunately the valuer for the mortgage lender was very unhappy with it being a timber frame building and requested a structural survey, which is what we then had carried out. Being first time buyers this was all news to us, and we hope if you’re a first time buyer that you read this testimonial and also read some of the above articles so that you’re aware about non-traditional buildings. We do have the book Identifying Non-Traditional Houses in the UK 1918 – 1975 by Harrison, Mullin, Reeves and Stevens, Building Research Establishment publication which we recommend you buy. "
Mr N, Berkshire

"We contacted to carry out a roof only survey as the original surveyors we used to produce a Schedule of Condition for the industrial building we were leasing had not included the roof which unfortunately they did not advise us of until we had received the completed Schedule of Condition. The surveyor at 1stAssociated duly inspected the roof using a cherry picker to gain access. We received a detailed schedule of condition with photographs of the roof which showed that the roof was in poor condition which led us to negotiations whereby the outgoing tenant is now going to repair the roof. We have now taken on the lease but the landlord has temporarily excluded the roof from the lease until the outgoing tenant repairs it. Once repaired by the outgoing tenant we will ask to view the roof once again to check the repairs have been carried out properly and produce a new schedule of condition before we take on the liability of the roof. We have been very pleased with the service we have received from, they produced a very thorough Schedule of Condition for us and their advice has ensured that we do not have the liability of the cost of the roof repairs. We will be contacting them again in the very near future."
Mr L, Buckinghamshire

"My son and I were in the process of taking an underlease of a hairdressing salon. The property was in a poor condition, in particular the basement so we needed some expert advice as we did not want the liability of the repairs needed to the property. recommended that we have a Building Survey and a Schedule of Condition as this helps protect anyone taking on a lease of a commercial property such as a shop, pub, cafe, restaurant or any other business premises and is useful to negotiate on the terms, i.e. rent and rent free periods. duly carried out a thorough survey of the property at a reasonable price and produced a Pre-Lease Building Survey and a Schedule of Condition which we received within two days of the survey being carried out. The survey set out all the problems with the property which were much worse than we anticipated and in particular the basement could be described as appalling. The survey also contained a breakdown of costs which was very useful in our negotiations. We then passed the survey to our solicitor who used the information to negotiate with the lessee’s solicitor who has finally agreed to accept responsibility for the dilapidations which could have cost us up to £100,000. We would not have had this result without such a thorough survey. We found very help. We were delighted with both the information provided and ultimately the result achieved. We would not hesitate to use 1stAssociated again and would thoroughly recommend their services."
Mr X, Surrey

"Fantastic service! really informative and in my opinion my surveyor went over and above my expectations, I learned so much from him. I shall definitely use 1st associated again."
Ms B - Independent retailer

"I had originally instructed another surveying company to survey the property but when the surveyor turned up at the property he admitted that he was not used to surveying commercial properties and was therefore not comfortable doing the survey for me. I then spoke to who sent me through examples of their work which gave me confidence that they knew about commercial properties and in particular leasehold properties. The surveyor from met me at the property when he was carrying out the survey which was very useful. They completed the survey report well within my timescale and I found the survey report to be very thorough and clear, explained in plain English and suited to a first time buyer like myself. "
Mr T, Surrey

"The property we brought after having the building survey was very strange in that it was part old, part new and also had an annexe. We met the Chartered Building Surveyor who we found to be very helpful and friendly at the property. He made us aware of damp at the front of the property. He also explained French drains, advised why the roof was different and also why the walls were different with some being old and some new and the different materials used. The Chartered Surveyor also explained about the wood and beams inside the property. We found the written copy of the building survey was easy to understand and the approximate costs part was helpful. We also found the articles on the website useful. The hardest part of the whole process was trying to find the right building insurance! "
Ms W, Portsmouth

"Through your website I contacted the Chartered Surveyor for a building survey as I had a very bad extension built which basically needs to be started again from scratch! The Chartered Surveyor was excellent, very helpful and he even went beyond the call of duty and took calls for me from builders etc, to explain to them in building language things I didnt properly understand. I have since recommended him to other people and would definitely use him again. "
Mrs B, Surrey

"I found the 1st Associated Surveyor very helpful and friendly and I found the information given especially on the electrics (as we are not all electricians) very useful. The Chartered Surveyor gave me a good idea of approximate costs for different things which was very helpful. I found the way the building survey was laid out easy to read and I would definitely recommend them. "
Mr G, Surrey

"Beaconsfield is an area I have lived in before and is an expensive and sought after area to live. One of the reasons for our purchase here is because it is a great school catchment area with some very good grammar schools for boys and girls nearby. Access to London is also very easy. The property we purchased in Beaconsfield after having one of you residential building surveys is an older property that we hope to knock down and rebuild if we get the permission. Hopefully within the next few months we should know the decision of this. Due to this being a sought after area to live the property we have purchased we found was quite hard to find and the land is smaller than if we had maybe gone out of Beaconsfield. The 1stAssociated Surveyor that carried out our residential building survey we found to be very helpful. With what came out of the building survey we were able to renegotiate the price of the property which was great. We met the Independent Chartered Surveyor at the property which was good and we walked around with him so any findings could be pointed out. We found the Chartered Surveyor was always happy to talk should we need to contact him with any issues. He seemed to take his time with the whole process and nothing seemed rushed. We found the photos in the survey very helpful. This is the 3rd time we have used your Chartered Surveyors for building surveys and would definitely recommend them to family and friends. "
Ms W, Buckinghamshire

"This was the 5th or maybe even the 6th time I have used one of your Independent Chartered Surveyors with three building surveys being done by yourselves in the same year! Although the building surveys seem a lot of money at the time it is money I feel that is very, very well spent. I really enjoy buying properties for my own personal use and love spending time doing them up but then seem to get itchy feet and decide to move on to the next property. The last residential building survey I had done was on a Grade 2 listed property. I met the Chartered Surveyor at the property. He was really helpful and full of knowledge and as we were walking around the property he gave me lots of extra information such as the correct names of some of the house beams etc. He also mentioned death watch beetle which frightened me to death as I personally hate insects! Buying an older property is quite daunting as there can sometimes be so much wrong with it. Damp and woodworm were found in this particular property by the surveyor and as a the purchaser you sometimes have no idea of where to start or how to put things right but the surveyor was very helpful and gave me advice for the problems such as you just need to do this, this and this and generally pointed me in the right direction which really put my mind at rest and made what seemed to me like a large problem become much smaller and easier to sort out. I find the way the surveys are laid out very easy to understand and what is lovely is the way they are tailor made for me personally. The photographs and sketches in the building surveys are great. I have also used your website to read numerous interesting property related articles. One of the hardest things about the whole buying process although nothing to do with your survey or surveyor I found was waiting for the contracts to exchange. The other people involved were delaying and in the end we gave them a deadline of 3pm on the Monday and the contracts were literally exchanged a few minutes to 3pm. The whole house buying process I would say took about six weeks from start to finish. I regularly recommend you to family and friends and wouldnt use anybody else! "
Ms Walker,

"I chose 1stAssociated because they were on the top of the search page when I looked on Google and I firstly read other people's testimonials and they all seemed happy. When I rang the 0800 number at the top I was sent a couple of example surveys via email. I was impressed with these, together with the survey price, so decided to go ahead and book the survey, which was carried out two days later. The Independent Chartered Surveyor asked if I wanted to attend the survey, which I did, and he was very friendly and chatted to me, asking me if I had any specific questions or concerns. The residential building survey itself was very comprehensive. It was broken down into easy to understand sections, with photos along side of the various rooms and problems in those rooms, together with possible solutions to any problems found and an approximate price for getting the work done. There were also some rather interesting articles at the back of the report relating to problems found in the property, in this case cold bridging due to internal radiators on the walls. We are moving to Hertfordshire from East London due to work commitments, so I really didn't know the area that well, apart from the odd visit. had an interesting bit all about the county of Hertfordshire on their website, and also intersting facts about the different towns and villages, which definitely helped. The survey report was completed within three days of having the survey carried out and I was able to look at a copy on the website using a unique code and I could also download a copy from here and forward one to my solicitor. I wouldn't hesitate to use 1stAssociated Surveyors again when I next move house."
Mrs N, Harpenden, Herts

"A good school catchment area was the reason I bought this semi-detached Edwardian property in Dulwich after having one of your residential building surveys. After finding the1stAssociated website on the internet and reading some of the interesting articles on the website I arranged for a residential building survey to be done on the property. The chartered surveyor spotted various things with the property that I hadnt seen and made me aware of them both by phone and within the report that was sent to me. The photos in the residential building survey report were very good and the approximate costs and action required section in the residential building survey on various areas I found very useful. Overall I was very pleased with the service and would recommend you to family and friends. "
Mr N P, Greenwich

"Selling my London property was the reason for me using one of your chartered building surveyors for a residential building survey. Although I didnt know the Bedford area I wanted a quieter area away from London but still fairly close to the capital. Due to the findings that came out regarding the property from having one of your residential building surveys I didnt purchase the house! I met the chartered surveyor at the house which was an end of terrace property that had structural problems and subsidence. Being Italian I had no idea of the different problems that could be found in a Victorian property but the surveyor took me around the property showing me bit by bit and explaining the problems in an understandable language. I found the layout of the survey easy to understand and found the approximate costs were very helpful. I also found the photos very good. Overall I was very satisfied with the building survey and in fact I was meant to be using your chartered surveyor again this week but the seller has pulled out. "
Ms B, Brent

"I met the Chartered Surveyor at the property who took me around and pointed out the various problems to me such as the chimney breast that hadnt been supported properly, external cracks and a railway track! As well as this the report I received was written in a readable style and was easy to understand. For other reasons I did not purchase the property surveyed although I have used 1stAssociated Surveyors before and will use them again. "
Miss E Sandullo, London

"From the building survey the Chartered Surveyor identified subsidence which was not detected when the sellers purchased the property 9 years ago. The report has now been shared with the estate agent and the vendors who are now having their own independent report done. Your Chartered Surveyor offered practical solutions to the problems and we found the report clear and easy to understand."
Ms Parekh, London

"We are still at present in negotiations for the buying of the church. Unfortunately the vendor is very stubborn and they actually think they have a Rolls Royce when what they actually have is an Old Banger. We met the Independent Chartered Surveyor at the property who asked us to explain what we wanted certain areas to be for and the report was then completely structured around us, advising this part of the building can be used for a, b and c but not d and f etc. We feel meeting the Chartered Surveyor at the property was invaluable and whilst with him he gave advice on fire exits and the legalities of certain aspects of the process. Without the expert opinions and advice of your Chartered Surveyor we would probably be in a very different position. We felt the report was easy to understand with not to many technical terms used although if these were used they were properly explained. A star of a surveyor whose opinions we cannot value enough and apart from all of that he is always on hand to lend more advice when we need it. "
Alan Rodney, Ilford, London

"Since using your Chartered Surveyor we have taken up the lease on the building in question. After finding the website online and arranging to have a building survey I met the Chartered Surveyor who I found to be very friendly and very helpful at the property. The Chartered Surveyor pointed out various different things but one thing I particularly remember was about heat loss. Overall I was very happy with the service and I would definitely recommend to friends and family. "
Nick, Urban Asent Ltd, London

" I used your Independent Chartered Surveyor to carry out a building survey for me. I met the Chartered Surveyor at the property which I found very useful as I was able to walk around with him and be made aware of any problems he found. The report I found was very readable and the photos were good, easy to understand with not too many technical terms. I would recommend your Chartered Surveyors to my family and friends. "
Ms C Chen, London

"I am very happy with the residential building survey. I met the chartered surveyor during the survey and he chatted to me about what he was doing and was very friendly. I was impressed by the use of the damp meter to check the level of damp, which hadnt occurred to me. The report was well laid out and easy to read and understand, clearly stating what was wrong and how to put it right. Loved the photos and sketches; made the whole thing so much clearer and easier to understand. I would use 1st Associated again and would recommend them to friends/family. "
Ms C, Hackney, London

"I have used the same 1st Associated Surveyor twice now and I am satisfied that he always does a very thorough job. Once the building survey was completed I did purchase the pub although the actual buying process was harder than I thought it would be. It started the beginning of August and ended the beginning of December! I found the building survey from 1st Associated was very readable and easy to understand. Overall this was an excellent survey and I would definitely use 1st Associated again and recommend them to family and friends "
Mr N, London

"truly excellent survey - many thanks "
Ms W

"The survey was very detailed. This made us aware of a few things we did not discovered whilst visiting the property ourselves. Very happy with the result. "
Mrs L Savage

"The survey they did for me was fantastic. It helped me in the negotiations to get me a much better deal with the Pub landlord and saved me a huge amount of money. Many thanks!"
Helen Biefang

"I am very happy with the well written and detailed Residential Building Survey that was arranged by"
T S - London

"The report was as I had expected, seeing the examples on the website of "
Simon Berkley, Herts

"I was very happy with the Commercial Building Survey that was carried out by"
Joseph Omidvaran, Fulham

"The surveyor did a wonderful job. The report was extremely clear en detailed. It showed that the property needed extensive work. It has helped us a lot making a decision to buy or not to buy."
Shahira Giordani, Feltham

"The surveyor was very personable from 1st Associated and the report was very comprehensive,"
Ashley May, Herts

"Thank you the surveyor was very friendly and approchable I was satisfied with his services and that of 1st associated"
Ms S, Herts

"I found the services of the surveyor very friendly approachable. The whole experience was very good for me."
Ms Roberts Wrexham

"I was impressed with the level of detail 1st associated surveyors have given on the report they wrote for my house purchas"
Katen Patel Berkshire

"The 1st Associated Surveyor was very good informative polite and provided us a report to time"
Mike Bartlett London.

"1st Associated Surveyors were very prompt and provided a through service on my Survey"
Sue Walthamstow London

"The 1st Associated surveyors service was expert, honest and ahead of schedule. I felt very well looked after during what could have been a really stressful experience. "
Nick Heleil

"the report of 1st associated surveyors was written very clear, comprehensive and easy to read."
Mr Albon

"' The 1st Associated Surveyor worked independantly and left him on his own in my house while I went to work so he was very trustworthy, friendly and helpful like all his staff''"
M.Brunswick, London

"The Surveyor was excellent, was impressed by his knowledge, and he explained things so carefully"
Geoff coast

"1st Associated Surveyors produced a splendid survey for a commercial building I was really happy with the quality of digital images, they have produced a very good result for me."
Mr Wakde West London

"I didn't know what to expect from 1st associated surveyors as I never had a survey before, but the level of service was very thorough"
T. Chandler London

"I felt the 1st associated surveyors report was very thorough and efficient"

"1st Associated Surveyors were very quick to respond to my requests on feedback of the property they surveyed for me."
Mr Shah Wembley London

"One of the most thorough Surveys I have come across for a house as an electrician, 1st Associated report was very useful to me"
D Smith Bourneville Birmingham

"The 1st Associated Surveyor responded to my request quickly and was available whenever I neeeded to talk to him, he focussed specially on what I wanted which was of great value"
-John O Shea. Croydon London

"Thanks for the Survey which was excellent as was your Surveyor"
D Stone. Bristol.

"1st Associated Surveyors saved us from buying a property due to a structural problem which was a great help."
D.Stone Bristol.

"1st Associated Surveyors were specialists in a unique area of leases, and understood our line of trade well, therefore they gave a unique Building Survey."
S. Ranasinghe Peckham

"I cannot find any complaints about 1st Associated Surveyors, they Survey was very straightforward"
Mr M , Essex

"The Surveyor discussed the issues at length and variety of options with us after the Survey which was useful, he was with us every step of the way!"
C.Crane Oxford.

"The Surveyor was very down to earth and honest, we recieved more than what we expected and successfully negotiated on the sales price of my flat more than I thought I would."
T. Ishkanes of Marleybone London

"The Survey given was very comprehensive The Surveyor persevered to call me after his Survey and offer extensive options for problems which was beyond expectations!"
M Moulten Essex.

"We are really happy with this Survey, and we are pleased with your advice on a commercial lease we were to take up but did not take up due to the highlighting that 1st Associated Surveyors made of certain matters in the Commercial Survey"
M. Gray of Grapefruit gallery london

"Everything is perfect with our Survey given by 1st Associated Surveyors, we will not hesitate to contact this Surveyor in the future."
P. Patel of Dennis Motors Islington London - Roof Survey.

"The Surveyor was very approachable after the Survey, he clairified points very well "
Mrs Fice, Farnham Surrey.

"1st Associated Surveyors offer very good level of detail in their Surveys "
I Renshaw Stockport

"Very good Surveyor, very nice, very happy"
Bursha Holdings Limited London

"I am very pleased with the survey, many thanks to the surveyor who carried it out and did such a great job."
CS Suffolk

"I am so impressed with the layout and the way in which the survey is worded, even I could understand it. Thank you so much!"
J.L.F Norfolk

"Thanks for your survey and valuation. These were thorough and written well."
H.P. Cambridge

"Thank you so much for our survey and meeting on site. I look forward to reading the report in depth but on first observing the report I am very pleased and found it easy to read, the pictures are great and help alot. All in all a fantastic service and I am glad I found your company. I will let all my house buying friends know!"
BW London

"Excellent service by the way, I am very chuffed I discovered your company"
BW - Lewisham

"I was recommended to use them by family members - I haven't been disappointed."
A.B. Hertfordshire

"I used them on a word of mouth recommendation, I can now see why they were recommended."
A.G. Cambridgeshire

"They are the best surveyors that I have ever used - I highly recommend using them."
T.S. Bedfordshire

"The surveyor was like 'Spiderman' - here there and everywhere - very thorough. We will never use a mortgage company surveyor again. In the past when we used one he took half an hour to do the report and the rest of the time drinking my coffee!."
L.M. London






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1stAssociated Surveyors Review for Structural Surveys and Building Surveys

Building Surveys, reviews and feedback from satisfied customers

Buy to let property clients, what they say about our structural surveys

Buying at auction, review of the survey

Buying bungalows and retirement properties and how our surveyors can help

Both at work / busy couples, how we can help and some 1stAssociated client reviews

Families with a young person flying the nest, reviews and feedback

First Time Buyers, what they say about us

Listed buildings, structural surveys

Older buildings, a review of buying an older house

Families with children looking for a new home, feedback and reviews

Buying a Non-Traditional Property

Residential Surveys

House and Home Surveys

Commercial Building Surveys

Commercial Surveys

1st Associated Surveyors Are Also Available in the Following Areas:

East Anglia and East

South and South East

West Country and South West


North and North East



London Markets

London Parks



Areas of Britain

1stAssociated Independent Expert Property Surveyors

Specialists in Home Buyers Reports, Building Surveys and Structural Surveys and Schedules of Condition

All Surveyors are Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors qualified and RICS regulated

and are Members of the Independent Surveyors and Valuers Association

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