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freehold and leasehold property

Most people get confused with the different types of surveys that are available. Most people think there are three types of surveys available including estate agents, however there are in fact three main types of surveys available plus a valuation.

A valuation is carried out by the bank for their own purposes. These criteria changes with the market. This is the one that the estate agents often refer to as a survey and they will do their upmost to ensure that you don't have anything else. This is because they know this is a very basic valuation carried out quickly and often a surveyor will be doing half a dozen to a dozen of these in a day (just think about driving to 12 different buildings in one day, it's hard enough to get to them without actually looking at the property as well!).

The valuations themselves warn, advise and recommend that you should have your own survey which the consumers association and the government also advise. In fact the government thought it was so important that you should have your own survey that they tried to make it a legal requirement for every property sold.

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So which survey should we choose?

There are two basic types for a house survey.

Homebuyers Report.

Basically a homebuyers report is a report for a modern property where the property hasn't been altered or amended and problems aren't envisaged. It's a quick economical report. It is the very basic of reports you can get. If problems are found it will refer you on to get a further survey carried out (which is where it can get costly).

Structural Surveys also known as Building Surveys

These are the Rolls Royce of surveys and are the best type to have however there are many different types and qualities of report. We of course feel that ours is the best. Have a look at the many examples that we have to compare our surveys but as our saying goes don't compare apples with Thursdays. We are after understanding everything about your property and understanding the problems and potential problems and the cost associated with them and how to solve them if you instruct us to carry out a survey.


We also feel we have many unique selling points

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1. Independent Surveyors working just for you

We are Independent Surveyors. We are independent of any lender or bank or mortgage company. When we are surveying a property we are working for you, not them. This means we are working towards your best interests. We want to ensure that your property investment is sound and that you are receiving value for money.


2. Executive Summary that tells you the important bits

The good, the bad and the ugly. This section of the report divides up the problems we find.


3. Tailor Made Surveys just for you

The property report is written aimed at your level of property knowledge.


4. No other survey like this (don't compare apples with Thursdays)

We consider that the quality of our surveys we produce are the highest standard available anywhere.


5. Understand fully the property you are buying

We include lots of photos and sketches to ensure you understand the problems. All problems found will have an Action Required and an Approximate Cost

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6. Use equipment and technology that no-one else does

We only use the latest electrical earth checking equipment and also;

Gann resistance meters. These are a top quality German resistance meter which enables us to establish the quality of materials and in particular whether there is dampness in materials.

2 X 16 binoculars / optical cameras; the strongest optical camera that can be held and seen by hand (we will provide you pictures of anything we can see that we feel is of concern).

We can take thermal imaging cameras, which if the conditions are right, can look through and into the property and identify all sorts of problems, particularly structural problems and dampness problems, as well as heat loss problems.

We have also developed over many years our own in house database known as ex house which helps to identify problems and potential problems from different eras of properties and different types of properties. We know of no other system like it.


Originally taken and amended from an article written by Alison Wiles

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