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Energy saving


Saving energy in your home – from 1st Associated Independent Surveyors says: 

The Met Office has warned that this winter will be especially cold, but there are ways to get warm without wasting energy and paying more.

According to meteorologists, in the upcoming days temperatures are expected to fall to between zero and –2 degrees Celsius in most cities, but strong winds will make it feel much colder.

Combined with increasing concern over rising fuel prices, this could exacerbate consumer fears about energy affordability and cause them to examine their energy consumption.

There are several simple measures that householders can take to ensure that their homes remain energy-efficient this winter.

Draught excluders are a good way to trap in heat that may escape through ill-fitting doors and windows. Householders should also ensure that they have their boiler serviced, as if it is not functioning properly energy may be lost.  Boilers account for around 60 per cent of all domestic CO2 emissions. Using a high efficiency condensing boiler with heating controls could save you up to £180 a year, and significantly cut your home's CO2 emissions.

Slightly more expensive measures like fitting double-glazing or better loft insulation do pay dividends in the long run and could make for a timely Christmas treat.

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