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Trees Independent Surveyors say:

Trees are blamed for everything.  Sometimes it’s the surveyors fault or insurance company fault.  Trees draw moisture out of the soil in the ground and it can therefore affect the condition of the soil and therefore the condition of the building.   Particularly in a soil where there is any clay element at all.  Brief summary about clay.  Main problem with clay is when it's very dry it becomes almost a dust, when its wet almost a liquid.  In the middle stage it only has cohesion and strength – in the long hot summer – mention heave (heave is expansion, settlement is contraction of the ground).  In a dry summer for example 1976, 1982 hot summer. 


The tree hunts round for water so that can draw any water out of the clay and becomes almost dust like (for want of a better description).  Equally if you cut that tree down, that area that once had – may in the autumn and winter get saturated and expand which is heave.  Lots of people say to just lopp the tree to maintain it and lots of insurance companies want to get rid of the problem so they take the tree away and let the ground do whatever its going to do and repair then.  Problem is sometimes they don’t wait to do the repairs. 


We had a problem in Clacton, they weren’t prepared to wait to see what the ground was going to do – it could do anything. 


Some trees have big root balls some have small roots (depending on the height and type of tree).  Lelyandii won't have a very big root ball. 


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