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freehold and leasehold property

“You don’t need have a survey and you will lose the sale if you take any longer” Does this sound familiar to you?  You are not alone.

Firstly we would comment the Estate Agents are working for the house seller and some will say almost anything to sell a house, particularly as most are on commission for a sale.

But something is niggling away at you.  You have found potential problems in your chosen property that needs a detailed, skilful eye.  Remember, this is a huge investment for your future!

We are independent surveyors therefore we are evaluating the property for you, not the mortgage company/building society or bank. An Independent Surveyor is just that - independent. Our surveyors will give a totally unbiased report tailored to the specific needs of you, the buyer, and offer independent advice upon which you can base a decision on your purchase, uninfluenced by any external considerations.Our surveys are highly detailed, provide estimated costs on specific problem areas and include colour photos taken with a x16 zoom lens – a highly detailed close up of problem areas.  

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