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At we as Independent Surveyors carry out many building surveys in the London area and love to further our knowledge of all places so we decided to find out more information about Paddington Recreation Ground. We hope you enjoy the read!


Where is Paddington Recreation Ground?

Paddington Recreation Ground is in Maida Vale in the London Borough of Westminster.


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Paddington Recreation Ground can be reached by bus, tube from Kilburn Park or Maida Vale or train from Kilburn High Road. There is also a pay and display car park and coach park at Paddington Recreation Ground.


Paddington Recreation Ground History

The history of the recreation ground goes back to the 1880's when Paddington Cricket Club due to the number of properties being built locally found it increasingly difficult to find green space to play on.

R M Beachcroft, a keen cricketer started a campaign which was successful in buying approximately nine acres of land for the cricket club.

1887 saw one of the biggest economic slumps in history and a local relief fund was raised with the help of Lord Randolph Churchill. In 1888 R M Beachcroft sealed a deal to rent an extra eleven acres which would provide work for men from fencing to creating an athletics and cycling track with part of the relief fund used to pay the labour.

Beachcroft did not make any profit from this project but many men found themselves back in work and a cricket field, tennis courts, a cycling/athletics track (which was where Sir Roger Bannister trained to break his four minute mile record) and a pavilion were created.

Beachcroft Gate and the Churchill Gate today stand as reminders of the grounds past.


About Paddington Recreation Ground

The beautiful leafy Paddington Recreation Ground is set in 27 acres and is Westminster's largest park.

Paddington Recreation Ground has a lovely bandstand which has hosted many events over the years and continues to do so.

The Pavilion, originally for refreshments was built in 1888 and is of interest to us as surveyors as we often survey older buildings.

Café Verona in Paddington Recreation Ground serves a selection of hot and cold meals and drinks and has both indoor and outdoor seating. C:\Users\earl\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\GGIFRO6C\MC900446226[1].wmf


Paddington Recreation Ground has a lovely rose garden, a Japanese ornamental garden and a ‘knot' garden for you to enjoy.

Paddington Recreation Ground has a great play area for children of all ages.

A nature trail is also here.

Designated dog areas are available throughout the park but dogs must remain on leads in the play area, quiet gardens, indoor areas and near all sports facilities. C:\Users\earl\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\617W18CS\MC900242193[1].wmf


Sports Facilities include a gym, hockey / football pitch, astro turf pitches, cricket net facilities, basketball and netball court, bowling green, athletics track, and tennis courts.

Paddington Recreation Ground also has an outdoor Trim Trail with Chin up bars, single trapeze swing, monkey bars, hurdles, pole climber, parallel dips and multi exercise beams.


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What's near to Paddington Recreation Ground?

The Grade II listed Trellick Tower in Kilburn is a 15 minute walk from Paddington Recreation Ground. Trellick Tower was designed by Erno Goldfinger and is both a loved and hated landmark.

London Central Mosque can be found approximately a 20 minutes' walk from Paddington Recreation Ground and is a great architectural building and of great interest to us as surveyors. The mosque was designed by Sir Frederick Gibberd in 1978 and is today still an active place of worship

Just over a 20 minute walk away in Notting Hill you will find the Museum of Brands where you can take a trip back in time through British consumerism over 200 years.

Also just over a 20 minute walk away in Marylebone is the Mark Jason Gallery. Mark Jason was a former employee of Christie's and today show's and sells young artists work in his gallery.

Portobello Road Market is another great place to visit and can be found about a 20 minute walk from Paddington Recreation Ground.


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