Production Line Surveying
We have found that lots of companies are churning out surveys that offer little or no real help to their clients - we think this is particularly frustrating when the customer is paying for an expert opinion.  We like to take a little more time and care over our reports and the advice that we give.

Walking with dinosaurs
We don't know of any other chartered surveying practice that uses technology like we do.  We are happy to train you.  We utilise technology to enhance your surveying skills not replace them!

It's good to talk!
We don't necessarily want you to refer customers to a damp proof specialist (sales person) or wood worm treatment specialist (sales person) for advice.  We feel that independent chartered surveyors are the property experts and that you should be happy to give concise, impartial advice and explain this in a way the client understands.  We are happy to talk to our customers about our findings and are more than happy to meet them at the property - are you?


Please read through the web site carefully to get a feel for our company and our style!  We are interested in talking to anyone who has similar aims and beliefs to us.
We usually have work for the right type of Surveyor available on either a self employed basis (this could be your first step to going self employed or you could have clients of your own) or employed. We are flexible, both in our outlook and workload.  We can offer anything from one survey a week and upwards with a cross section of problems to solve.
We are also interested to hear from anyone who has any good ideas for surveying, who can think outside the box on property or has spotted any good investment opportunities that they want help with.

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