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Summary of Construction
Summary of Costs
Roof Plan
Roof Voids
Front Elevation
Rear Elevation
Left Hand Side Elevation
Right Hand Side Elevation
External Areas
Signature Document



Firstly, may we thank you for your instructions of ?????????; we have now undertaken a Commercial Building Survey (formerly known as a Structural Survey) of the aforementioned property. This Survey was carried out on ??????

The Building Survey takes the following format; there is an introductory section (which you are currently reading), which includes a synopsis of the building, and a summary of our findings.

We then go through a detailed examination of the property starting with the external areas working from the top of the property down, followed by the internal areas and the buildings services. We conclude with the section for your Legal Advisor and also attach some general information on the property market.

We are aware that a report of this size is somewhat daunting and almost off-putting to the reader because of this. We would stress that the purchase of a business has many risks, the property being one of the biggest. Often when a business is purchased our clients can only see the opportunities that it offers, the aim of this report is to give a balanced
view on the future risk.

We recommend that you set aside time to read the report in full, consider the comments, make notes of any areas which you wish to discuss further and phone our us.

We obviously expect you to read the entire report but we would suggest that you initially look at the summary, which refers to various sections in the report which we recommend you read first so that you get a general feel for the way the report is written.

As part of our service we are more than happy to talk through the survey as many times as you wish until you are completely happy to make a decision. Ultimately, the decision to purchase the public house is yours but we will do our best to offer advice to make the decision as easy as possible.


To help you understand our Report we utilise various techniques and different styles and types of text, these are as follows:-


This has been given in the survey where it is considered it will aid understanding of the issues, or be of interest. This is shown in “italics” for clarity.


Throughout the Report, we have endeavoured to define any technical terms used. This is shown in “Courier New” type face for clarity.


We utilise photographs to illustrate issues or features. In some photographs a pencil has been used to highlight a specific area (with this property we have taken approximately one hundred photographs in total and we have enclosed a sample of these within the report).


Any reference to left or right is taken from the front of the property, including observations to the rear which you may not be able to physically see from the front of the property.


We have used the term ACTION REQUIRED where we believe that there are items that you should carry out action upon or negotiate upon prior to purchasing the property.

Where a problem is identified, we will do our best to offer a solution. However, with most building issues, there are usually many ways to resolve them dependent upon cost, time available and the length of time you wish the repair/replacement to last.



The Spa Bar venue is located in the centre of Hitchin, albeit away from the main high street, but close to the market. The Spa Bar was once known as The Market Tavern. It should be noted that this club is located underneath a residential block of flats. We are aware that there have been problems in the past with both airborne and structural transmition of noise to the residents above.

Action required: Your legal advisors should confirm that there are no outstanding issues in relation to this matter, or similar.



Trading Areas, Service Areas and Accommodation

The trading area consists of:

Front of House

  • One main bar and servery
  • Male toilets consisting of a slab urinal and one WC and one wash hand basin
  • Female toilets consisting of three cubicles and two wash hand basins (one boarded over at the time of our inspection)
  • Entrance lobby
  • Two fire exits/sound production lobbies

Back of House

  • Catering kitchen
  • Cloakroom
  • Basement cellar

Private Living Accommodation

  • Three bedrooms
  • Lounge
  • Bathroom
  • Separate WC
  • Kitchen


  • Paved beer garden
  • Private courtyard


The xxxx Bar




We have assumed the property has a full repairing and insuring covenant. Your legal adviser should confirm this and advise us of any unusual or onerous clauses immediately.


We have taken approximately 150 photographs during the course of this Schedule of Condition. We reserve the
right to produce these photographs to establish the condition of the property over and above the ones included in the report.


As per our original Terms of Engagement, we would remind you specifically that:

We have not inspected parts of the structure which were covered, unexposed or inaccessible during our inspection. We therefore cannot confirm that such parts
are free from defect, structural or otherwise.

We have not determined whether any hazardous materials such as high alumina cement, calcium chloride, asbestos etc have been used in the construction.

Our report is for the use of the party to whom it is addressed above and no responsibility is accepted under the Third Parties Act or for any third parties who use this report in whole or in part. We have not carried out a comprehensive test of any electrical, mechanical or
drainage services. We therefore cannot confirm that they are operational and in good condition. If you wish us to arrange tests, please advise.

We have not carried out or arranged for specialists to undertake any reports, for example an environmental report or an audit report upon the property. We are therefore unable to advise whether any contaminated or other adverse environmental issues affect the site.

The Schedule of Condition has been prepared by GEM Associates Ltd in October xxxx. The inspection was carried out on Wednesday xx October xxxx. This report does not constitute a Structural Survey (now known as a Building Survey).

All directions are taken as if viewing the property from the market across the road.






Main Roof – Formed as part of the multi storey block.

Single Storey Roof – Various roofs to the front and rear of the property, finished generally with a loose chipping on felt.

Roof Lights: Five barrelled roof lights.
Walls: Painted brick finish within a concrete frame structure to the front and brickwork finish to the rear.
Windows: Double glazed plastic units.
Rainwater Goods: Plastic and metal with concrete hoppers.


Floors: Basement – Solid, assumed concrete
  Ground Floor – Solid, assumed concrete
  First Floor – Solid, assumed concrete


We are advised that the property has mains gas, electricity, drains and water supply. (These have not been checked).

The above terms are explained in full in the main body of the Report. We have used the term ‘assumed’ as we have not opened up the structure.


Due to the nature of the work required it will be necessary to tenure the work to establish costs.




Summaries are dangerous as they try to précis often quite complex subjects into a few paragraphs. This is particularly so in a summary about someone’s future business, when we are trying to second-guess what the priorities are, so it is important the Report is read in full. Having said all of that, here are our comments:-


A sample of issues and problems identified





The main roof of the residential property is above. This has not been inspected, but we would assume under the terms of your lease you share a responsibility to repair it.
Grass and moss growing generally
and the scaffolding

ACTION REQUIRED: The management company should be contacted by your legal advisor to confirm anticipated future costs for this item and any other items of plan maintenance together with typical costs of reactive maintenance.


Close up of grass and moss


Roof One – Low Level Single Storey Roof

This is a flat roof, which does not have the recommended fall. For this reason the felt with loose chipping finish has moss growing in many areas and water sitting on the roof, particularly to the front elevation and near the down pipes and the perimeter parapet walls. Grass is growing in many areas.
Crocodiling; deterioration to the felt is occurring which is likely to leak in the future

ACTION REQUIRED: Roof should be completely cleared of the grass that is present, which will also mean the chippings should be checked for any areas of deterioration and repaired as necessary and re-laid with insulation cut to falls (as we do not see any other way of producing a fall to this roof).

Crocodiling and general deterioration was noted to the felt flashing.

ACTION REQUIRED: Replace felt flashing with a lead flashing.

Felt flashing below window is brittle and has lost its adhesion

At the time of our inspection the flat roof had scaffolding on it, which is gaining support directly off the roof. We believe this will cause damage to the roof and may lead to leaks either now or in the near future. We would argue that this should be addressed with the scaffolding company/management company in charge of the work.

ACTION REQUIRED: Roof should be checked for damage once scaffolding has been struck (taken down), and agreed course of action taken.

Rear Roof – Roof Two

This roof is also flat and water is sitting on it. Again we recommend insulation to falls.

Ponding is occurring on this roof and there is also moss present
Roof over external store covered with moss indicating it is flat
Close-up of moss over barrel storage roof
Scaffolding onto roof

Roof 3 - Above private living accommodation kitchen

Extensive plant growth.

Roof Lights

Some of the barrelled roof lights are damaged and most have the caps missing to the roof light fittings, these have had asphalt placed over the top of the fittings, so we can only assume that these have leaked in the past.

Action required: To make the roof lights watertight they will require either replacing where damaged or new fixings and cappings where they are missing.


Pencil indicates where the fixing caps have come away and asphalt has been used to seal them

Rainwater Goods

There are a mixture of internal rainwater goods and plastic rainwater goods to the external of the property.

Internal rainwater goods require the debris clearing away on the inlet.

We have no way of knowing whether they are still watertight or not.

The plastic rainwater goods require the joints checking and some realignment.

Hopper heads are formed within the concrete of the structure with aluminium down pipe.

Action required: Overhaul rainwater goods.

Roof Void

We have no access to the roof void of the flat roofs but would comment that a modern flat roof would require ventilation to stop condensation occurring within it, which is particularly prevalent where there is a humid atmosphere as in this case, and the property is occupied.

Sound Insulation Void

There is a void between the main roof structure and the ceiling. This we believe has been placed in to reduce transmission of noise to the surrounding properties. This is supported on a suspended wire system, we do not feel this would be suitable to take our weight and therefore have not been able to inspect this area.

We are however concerned that this area will be effectively hiding any leaks to the roof.


This sketch drawing shows a sample of the problems and issues identified.


D = Doors
W= Windows

Not to Scale







Painted Brickwork

A light covering of general dirt and scuff marks. Minor graffiti.

Action required: Re-decorate.

External Joinery


Plastic windows, which are generally dirty and in need of cleaning.


These have been clad with a metal sheet and the paintwork around these is starting to flake.
Doors marked
Action required: Clean and paint areas of flaking paintwork.


GRP signs have been painted over. This will eventually lead to the paint peeling, as it does not adhere to GRP very well.


This sketch drawing shows a sample of the problems and issues identified.


D = Doors
W= Windows

Not to Scale






Painted Brickwork

A light covering of general dirt and scuff marks – minor spalling occurring.

Action required: Re-decorate and repair as necessary.

External Joinery


Plastic windows, which are generally dirty and in need of cleaning.


These have been clad with a metal sheet and the paintwork around these is starting to flake.

Action required: Clean and paint area of flaking paintwork.


GRP signs have been painted over. This will eventually lead to the paint peeling, as it does not adhere to GRP very well.


There is a patio area this side of the property that appears to be disused. Paving slabs require levelling and possibly rebedding. The area in general requires weeding and the walls require making good.



Towards the kitchen
Towards the rear entrance




Concrete marked and impact damage from barrel delivery. Central gully blocked. Cellar flaps have dropped and need realigning.

Central gully blocked
Cellar flaps need re-aligning


Vertical Cracks to Brickwork

There are two areas of vertical cracking to brickwork, one to the left hand side of the double entrance doors into the courtyard and the other to the right hand side. These cracks run the full height of the walls.

The hairline cracking is to the centre of this photograph

External Joinery


Plastic kitchen window damaged which appears to be from an attempted entrance into the property.

Window damaged
Extractor fan from kitchen discharging grease

Entrance Gate

The entrance gate is rotten.


There is a running gully at the entrance to the courtyard area, which is blocked.

Blocked gully


This consists of concrete columns with brick in-fill panels.

Action Required: Repair and redecorate the columns and clean the brickwork.
The columns are generally marked with the paint coming off and the brickwork is stained





Front of House

General view of the main bar looking towards the bar servery
General view of main bar

Main Bar


Mirrored bar. Paintwork chipped and marked, some areas are burnt with cigarette stains.


Generally smoke stained.


Various marks and scuffing, particularly around skirting and impact damage to some of the walls. Paintwork looks to have had a coat of paint in some areas recently; unfortunately they appear to have painted directly over the dirt and grime on the wall.

Action required: Redecorate.
Ingrained dirt


The central flagstones have ingrained dirt and the vinyl flooring to the front of the bar has various cigarette burns, chewing gum and is generally marked and the joints are starting to open up.

The radiators are leaking, causing staining in some areas.

Leaking radiator and ingrained dirt to flagstones

Action Required: Deep clean the floors and repair the radiators.

Joinery - Glass shelves and cladding to columns

The columns are timbered lined with mirror inserts. The paintwork is chipped and indented in some areas and there are cigarette marks to many of the beer shelves.

Doors and Windows

Generally dirty, some cigarette burn marks.

Gents Toilets


Smoked stained and flaking paintwork to roof light.


Marked at low level. The area looks to have had a recent coat of paintbut some areas have been missed.

There appears to be a condensation problem particularly in the WC area.

Quarry tiled floor. Ingrained dirt, joints dirty and some tiles are cracked.
Cigarette burns to ductwork
Sundry Fixings  

‘Stainless steel’ slab urinal, WC and wash hand basin.

The wash hand basin has come away from the wall and been secured back with timber batons, it has not been re-plastered.

The ‘stainless steel’ urinal has rust staining in some areas.


Entrance door – steel shoot to front hacked on with nails. The paintwork is marked and there is damage to the wall behind the door.

Inner Door to WC – boarding has come away from the door and needs re-securing.

Action Required: Redecorate and thoroughly clean.

Ladies Toilets


Smoked stained and some condensation marks. The painting is to a poor standard and has covered some of the bulkhead lighting. The painted ductwork is also starting to come away from wall.


Original tiles have been partly pained over, which is marked and hides broken and cracked tiles. To the vanity unit end tiles have been tiled over.

We found some areas of blown tiling around the wash hand basins and to the right hand side near the WCs.


Vinyl floor has cigarette burn marks. Quarry tiling to the WC area is generally marked and stained.

Damage to ductwork


Paint is coming off in some areas and paint splashes to ironmongery.

Entrance Door – metal sheet held in place with nails, generally marked.


WC cisterns boxed out with timber boxing and cigarette burn marks.

Sundry Fittings  
The WC units generally have cigarette burn marks, there are also lids missing from the WCs and the cubicles themselves are marked. The left hand side hand basin of the two hand basins is boarded over.

Action Required: Redecorate, thoroughly clean and replace sink and any products that have burn marks.

Cigarette burns to floor

Main Entrance Lobby


moked stained.


Minor marks and scuffs.


Mat well burnt with cigarette marks.


Metal plates screwed to doors. Small area of paintwork exposed which is in reasonable condition.

Action required: Redecorate and replace any areas with burn marks.

Bar Servery Area (behind the bar)


Smoked stained.


Some marks to back bar.


Vinyl marked with chewing gum and cigarette burns. There should also be a skirting for hygiene purposes, this is presently open.


Marked vinyl flooring

No skirting

Down lighters

Down lighters to the front of the bar look to have been re-secured into position.


Paintwork marked and missing in some areas.

Bar Top

Formed with a tile and a cut edge on the barman’s side – many Environmental Health Officers are no longer happy with this type of bar top due to the germs that can be held within the joints.

Marks to front of bar

Back of House

Catering Kitchen


The ceilings are lightly artexed, which is not appropriate; they should be a smooth, clean impervious surface. Generally slightly greasy and require a clean. The lights have no diffusers.


The tiles require a general clean, particularly the joints, and there are old fixing holes and a few missing tiles.

Tiles coming away in some areas, for example, in the behind bar entrance to the kitchen, and in other areas they are blown.

Tiles coming away in the behind bar entrance to kitchen


The quarry tiles have ingrained dirt and require a clean. There is no skirting tile to the edge behind the cooker, which will make it difficult to clean.

Action required: Deep clean and redecorate and bring up to EHO standards.


Door Entrance to Bar – No ironmongery and marked and chipped.

Door Entrance to Behind Bar – Minor marks and chipping.

Access Corridors

Marked and in need of redecoration.


Painted in reasonable condition. The lights require diffusers.


Painted render and painted brick work. Electrics on walls have some points missing or pushed into the switch panel.

Hole within wall and covering missing from insulation


Ingrained dirt and some cracks to the concrete.


Door Leading to Accommodation – Impact damage and marking, particularly around lock.

Door to Rear Courtyard – Plaster damage to corner and door requires decoration.

Damage to door

Cloak Room


Minor smoke staining and general grime. Painting in reasonable condition.


Generally marked, particularly to servery side. Some impact damage to the corner.


Carpet sticky and probably in need of replacement.

Door and Hatch

Marking to hatch and door damaged.

Action required: Redecorate and repair any damage.
Damage to door

Electrical Switch Gear Room

There is an internal electric room, which has a sliding door entrance which has minor marking and chipping on it.

Basement Cellar


Painted and marked and scuffed slightly.


Generally stained and some areas of cracking.


Staining to stairs


First Floor


General dirt and grime and in need of redecoration.
Floor warn through and kitchen unit doors fit poorly



General dirt and grime and in need of redecoration.


Some of the tiling is missing and has been ‘repaired’; we believe this floor needs recovering.

Action required: Redecorate and provide new flooring.



Dated and some flaking occurring.


General wear and tear and some scuff marks.


Acceptable condition.

Action required: Redecorate.



Poor decorative order.

Paint coming off the walls
Paint literally coming off the walls.

Action required: Redecorate and repair as necessary.


Bedroom One


Reasonable condition.


Reasonable condition.


Reasonable condition.

Redecorate windows both internally and externally. Condensation occurring.

Action required: General redecoration recommended.


Bedroom Two

Presently used as a store.


Reasonable condition.


Reasonable condition.


General wear and tear.

General view of room used
for storage

Redecorate windows both internally and externally. Condensation occurring.
Windows require redecoration, paint flaking away

Condensation throughout

Action required: Redecorate.

Bedroom Three

Presently used as a store.


Reasonable condition.


Reasonable condition.


General wear and tear.

Room used for storage

Redecorate windows both internally and externally. Condensation occurring.

Action required: Redecorate.



Reasonable condition.


Reasonable condition


General wear and tear.

Action required: Redecorate.

Landing Areas


Reasonable condition.


Reasonable condition.


General wear and tear.

Action required: Redecorate.
Impact damage to walls throughout
Entrance door has impact damage



Beer Garden

The paving slabs are uneven. We would recommend that they are rebedded and levelled and general weeding is carried out.

Room used for storage


We would reiterate that services have not been tested. We suspect from a visual inspection that the electrics would not meet current IEE Regulations.

We are not able to give any advice on the gas installation or the drainage or water supply.


Fire Regulations

We do not believe that the property would meet current Fire Regulations. We believe this because the fire extinguishers are not marked as per the current regulations and the upstairs fire doors do not close effectively. There is a missing door closer to the bathroom.

We would also add that if the door to the flat roof is a fire door there should be some way of opening it without needing the key.

Action required: Bring up to present-day requirements as set out within the Fire Precautions Act 1971 and the Fire Precautions (Workplace Regulations) Act 1997, which cover statutory fire provision in most commercial properties.

Environmental Health Authority

You have a statutory requirement to meet conditions of the Food Safety Act 1990 and it’s various associated regulations. We suggest you familiarise yourself with these regulations or seek expert opinion on them.

The Disability Discrimination Act

You should be aware that current and proposed legislation places a liability on those with public buildings to give access, where reasonable to the disabled and make reasonable amendments to the property as necessary to accommodate them. There does not appear to have been any provision with regards this. You should ask to see if a report has been carried out in line with the Disabilities Act highlighting areas which can be improved or have been improved.



If you wish to proceed with your purchase of the property a copy of this should be forwarded to your Legal Advisor and the following points should be checked by him/her:

a) Responsibility for boundaries.

b) Rights for you to enter onto the adjacent property to maintain any structure situated near or on the boundary and any similar rights your neighbour may have to enter onto your property.

c) Obtain any certificates, guarantees or approvals in relation to:

i) Timber treatments, wet or dry rot infestations.
ii) Rising damp treatments.
iii) Double glazing replacement windows.
iv) Roof and similar renewals.
v) Central heating installation.
vi) Planning and Building Regulation Approvals.
vii) Any other matters pertinent to the property.

d) Confirm that there are no defects in the legal Title in respect of the property and all rights associated therewith, e.g., access.

e) Rights of Way e.g., access, easements and wayleaves.

f) Liabilities in connection with shared services.

g) Adjoining roads and services.

h) Road Schemes/Road Widening.

i) General development proposals in the locality.

j) Conservation Area, Listed Building, Tree Preservation Orders or any other Designated Planning Area.

k) Confirm from enquiries that no underground tunnels, wells, sewers, gases, mining, minerals, site reclamation/contamination etc., exist, have existed or are likely to exist beneath the curtilage of the site upon which the property stands and which could affect the quiet enjoyment, safety or stability of the property, outbuildings or surrounding areas.

l) Our Report assumes that the site has not been put to contaminative use and no investigations have been made in this respect.

m) Any outstanding Party Wall Notice or of the knowledge that any are about to be served.

n) We strongly recommend that Envirosearch or a similar product is used by your Legal Advisor to establish whether this area falls within a flood plain, old landfill site, radon area etc., and brought to its logical conclusion. If your Legal Advisor is not aware of the system please ensure that they contact us and we will advise them of it.



From our investigations the property has been identified as being Listed and situated within a Conservation Area.

Your Legal Advisor should confirm the above and carry out any searches he/she feels are necessary.













Our limitations are as the agreed Terms and Conditions of Engagement.


The report has been prepared in accordance with our Conditions of Engagement dated 9 January 2004and should be regarded as a comment on the overall condition of the property and the quality of its structure and not as an inventory of every single defect. It relates to those parts of the property that were reasonably and safely accessible at the time of the inspection, but you should be aware that defects can subsequently develop particularly if you do not follow the recommendations.


We would remind you that this report should not be published or reproduced in any way without the surveyor’s expressed permission and is governed by English Law and any dispute arising there from shall be adjudicated upon only by the English Courts.


This report is for the sole use of the named Client and is confidential to the Client and his professional advisors. Any other persons rely on the Report at their own risk.


Although we are pointing out the obvious, our Surveyors obviously can’t see through walls, floors, heavy furniture, fixed kitchen units etc. they have therefore made their best assumptions in these areas.

As this is a one off inspection, we cannot guarantee that there are no other defects than those mentioned in the report and also that defects can subsequently develop.



It was a cold bright day at the time of the inspection. The weather did not hamper the survey.

We would add that some defects only become apparent upon physical occupation or are only present as a result of the extremes of weather (which are becoming a more frequent occurrence); for example the year 2000 was the wettest year on record and the 2003 the driest year on records, this is likely to have adverse effects on lots of buildings in years to come.



It should be noted that we are not local surveyors to this area and are carrying out the work without the benefits of local knowledge on such things as soil conditions, aeroplane flight paths, common defects in materials used in the area etc.


Signature Document in Relation to
Schedule of Condition

This signature document represents page 52 and page 53 of a 53 page Schedule of Condition relating to:

The xxxx Bar, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

as prepared by

GEM Associates Ltd Chartered Surveyors

You should ensure your Legal Advisor gets this document signed by the relevant parties and agreed prior to legal commitment to purchase. Delete/amend as you require

Lessees Representative

We verify that this is a true and accurate record of the condition of:

The xxxx Bar, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

As inspected on xxxxxxxxxxxx
GEM Associates Ltd Chartered Surveyors

………………………..Dated: xxxxxxxxxxxx
For and on Behalf of
GEM Associates Ltd Chartered Surveyors



Xxxxxxxxxxxx has seen and forwarded it on by recorded delivery on the………… the owners/landlords or their legal representatives in relation to the proposed Lease.



Landlords Representative (delete as applicable)

Print Name……………………..For and on Behalf of……….

………………….has inspected and read the Schedule of

Condition for an on behalf of………………and accepts that it is a true and accurate record.

………………………..Dated: xxxxxxxxxxxx
For and on Behalf of

I have the authority to sign this document on behalf of the aforementioned company.